Ecological event “Your eco-style: give up plastic!” starts in the days of the Patron MXGP of Russia 2019 in support of the World Ocean.

The FIM became the first international sports federation ever to draft an Environmental Code in 1997 and applies it in all competitions.

 Russian Children’s Centre is the leader in implementation of environmental programmes.

The programme “Your footprint on the planet” represents adults and children modern environmental practices including solid waste sorting.

The World Oceans Day, a global event in support of the conservation and protection of the World Ocean, is celebrated annually on 8 June.

          This is a good opportunity to remind everyone again that the marine plastic crisis we are facing requires urgent action. Every day we influence the World Ocean through plastic, which we use and throw away. Every minute an entire amount of plastic hits our oceans, which means that by 2050 there could be more plastic than water in the World Ocean.

                                        Therefore, we need to act right now!

We invite all spectators, guests and athletes to take part in the ecological event “Your eco-style – give up plastic!”

Plastic is one of the fractions that we collect separately from other wastes. Collection and delivery of plastic for processing is a real opportunity for everyone to help the World Ocean.

          How to do this?

Learn how to recycle plastic waste.

Learn how plastic waste becomes a useful resource for people / learn where and how plastic waste is recycled.

Learn how to make useful things and unusual art objects out of plastic and other solid municipal waste.

Take a photo in a special ecological photo frame, post it on your page in social networks and tell the world about your eco-style!

          Eco-event “Your eco-style-give up plastic!” is:

- production of eco-bags (change the plastic bag to an eco-bag)

- eco-games

- eco-quiz

- workshop “The second life of plastic”

- workshop “The second life of paper”

- information area, where participants learn about the World Oceans Day,    the impact of the ocean on people's lives and the impact of people on the life of the ocean and learn how to reduce their own ecological footprint

- eco photozone




June 8-9, 2019                              

Venue: “Orlyonok” Mototrack, the Russian Federation